About Us

Over a decade ago, Midwest Clothiers launched the opening of Backroom as a liquidation store for the final parts and pieces of collections at the end of a season. However, Backroom has evolved to provide the same service experience as our premiere stores and buying opportunities with vendors have offered our clients a real value on many of the industries best.

With the addition of several well known brands, we can out serve and provide better value than national branded stores. Stop by and discover the difference that your area independent clothier can offer.

Lydia Halcomb

Store Leader

Lydia has been in menswear for 5 years. The best part about her job is helping her clients build their wardrobe!

Colby Jones

Colby Jones


Colby is new to the clothing industry, but excited to be a part of the company! His favorite part of the business is finding the perfect jacket for any event.